New Heelers on the Way

Hey there,


Long time, no post. The recording and release process for this big batch of songs has taken much more time that I planned for, but we want to do this right and give you something we're really proud of. The songs are still sizzling, but we left them on the grill just long enough that you won't get e-coli. This meant extra attention to a few things:

- Nailing our best mixes yet.

- Mastering so these songs play nice on Spotify and your other favorite streaming sources.

- Planning a release schedule throughout the rest of the year. We decided to break these twelve tracks into six A/B releases so you've always got something new to jam. We hope this gives every song the attention it deserves.

- Having a real-deal artist create real-deal cover art. We connected with Nate through Instagram and loved his style  - he was nice enough to turn the vibe of each release into an awesome cover. Can't wait for you to see these.

Now here's the most important part - the first A/B will be live in two weeks. We want this played at your backyard hangouts, while you're pruning in the pool, and through every minvan stereo in the country, but we need your help. Please sign up for our mailing list so you're in the loop when these tracks go live, and for our video release. See you soon.


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