From the Beautiful Bonneville Salt Flats - Going Home Video

In April I finished recording Going Home - I was so happy with how my new sound was shaping up, and wanted a great video to match. Melissa and I have made all of the Heelers videos ourselves up to this point, and they've always been fun to make, but we wanted to work with a pro this time.

Enter Brian Medeiros - a real-deal videographer and touring drummer with Red who knows how to make one guy flailing around in the desert look good. I brought him a loose concept for the video and he made it much less silly. We shot over two days, first out at the Bonneville Salt Flats near the Nevada border, then in the small towns and back roads west of Salt Lake City. We ended the shoot with the opening shot of the video, in the stench of the Great Salt Lake. Brian has a great eye, awesome feel for editing, and put together my favorite shot from any Heelers video where you can see three of me playing with myself (4:35). Omitted from the video were a half-dozen takes of me running and falling in a field - I'll always have a banged up knee to remember that day by. This was such a fun experience.