the new jam

Left Out In The Cold

We're dropping tracks like tress drop leaves this time of year - In the Cold/Double Negative is out Friday! These are our favorite songs so far from the bunch - In the Cold calls back to our favorite '00s pop…

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You and Me, We're a Daydream

The second installment from the Basement Series drops this Friday (hop over on Instagram for a sneak peak). Daydream picks up where MIchelada and Defog left off - hard-hitting drums and a buzzing lead line, but doused in mellow synths.

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Michelada / Defog out Friday!

Hey There,

Break out the Clamato and your favorite Mexican pilsner or lager (mine's Pacifico). Our new two-track album is out Friday. Pre-save here so you can be the first to listen. Can't wait to share this one with you!


New Heelers on the Way

Hey there,


Long time, no post. The recording and release process for this big batch of songs has taken much more time that I planned for, but we want to do this right and give you something we're really proud…

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Basement - 7 Months of Demos

It's been seven months since my wife and I made the move from Arizona to Utah, and it's been tough. We left friends and family and put most of our focus into work. To try to find some balance or…

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Track With The Pack and New Music

There aren't many positives to the summer coming to an end, but I've found one - since moving to a basement studio, I treasure the time that the HVAC system isn't running constantly, leaving a low rumble on all…

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We've Been Busy - New Stylophonic Single 7/6

Maybe it's the change of scenery or the change of seasons, but the past few months have been filled with new songs in the new Heelers basement studio. We've got ten new tracks demoed and more on the way (more…

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Radio Silence

As Staind once said, "It's been a while." There's no better way to promote a new independent release as an act that already doesn't play out than to drop off the face of the internet right after dropping your first…

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One Week Old

Our new EP has been out for a week and the feedback is starting to pour in. These are exciting times. We had to share this review with you - I'm smiling from ear to ear!

Sounds like…

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