Basement - 7 Months of Demos

It's been seven months since my wife and I made the move from Arizona to Utah, and it's been tough. We left friends and family and put most of our focus into work. To try to find some balance or sense of stability, I started writing new music right away. Things have been coming together in the basement studio.

New ideas have come through in waves, with some weeks giving me multiple pieces, and a dry spell of a few months in the middle. I've been demoing them all out and saving them to a folder labeled 'Basement' -  this folder is pretty full and it's time to do something with it. John and I have picked our favorite songs, now the fun can begin. Most of the recordings are quickly slapped together, recorded or played poorly, and are not fit for public consumption. We'll be practicing these parts before tracking begins in the next few weeks, and we'll bring you along for the ride. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up!

- Tyrus

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