the new jam

On and on and on.

My favorite Foo Fighters track, reimagined with John Hollister's guitar wizardry and my tired vocals. Had to share a little treat before we close out 2023. I've enjoyed spending this past year working with folk freak Tanner Bingaman (new album…

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Blue Skies - Heavy and Optimistic

"There might be gray skies overhead. It feels like days now that it's been raining."

Hello from the basement! I'm excited to share a new one with you today that's extra special to me. Blue Skies is the first song…

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Going Home - Stoner Rock for the 21st Century

"All that's real is what's in our heads. Don't believe a word they say. And all our work won't mean a thing. Nothing matters anyway."

Going Home is out today. I’ve carried this song for a long time and I’m…

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Ruston - Crunchy Space Rock Single

Our new track Ruston is all about space, change, and home. This is the last song written in our first home and features a CB-radio conversation I had with a 73 year old Tucson native who seemed to have fried…

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Don 3:16

"For God so loved America that he made it number one, and whosoever disagrees on this is a sad, nasty loser."

Six new songs from Heelers, with acoustic guitars, bleeps and bloops, and some features by old friends…

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Were You There - Happy Easter

With lots of time spent in doors during this quarantine, I've thrown together a take on one of my favorite hymns for this Easter season. Hoping you're all safe and sound. Thanks as always for listening.

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We're Live! The Basement Series

After two years of writing, recording, stalling, and getting it together, I'm happy to share The Basement Series with you. Twelve tracks, the most personal songs I've written and the best sounds we've ever gotten. Thank you to those that…

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Seven Days

The Basement Series is right around the corner. All twelve tracks, plus a new video for Stars Are Out, coming 2/21. We've looking forward to sharing our work over the past two years with you - follow us on Spotify…

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Won't You Help? New Merch

Move over, Sarah McLachlan.

Every day, hundreds of pieces of band merch go to waste. Help us find a loving home for our new gear, and jam The Basement Series, out 2/21.

We've got posters, pin packs, and stickers. Order…

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Basement Series - Out 2/21

After two years of writing, collaboration, and tweaking, the full Basement Series goes live February 21st. Our heaviest rockers, lightest textures, and best songs round out the back half of our favorite release yet. These have been a long time…

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PA Holiday

Hey All,

Hope you've had a great holiday season. I took a break from the usual release schedule to spend time with family over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We got to take a trip to Philly to see Bucks County Drum…

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